TESA Foundation is proud to announce it’s new initiative: “The House of Abraham” (La Casa de Abraham). Next October 2015, we will display the Sacred Books of the 3 Abrahamic traditions in the Buenos Aires Jewish Museum, which is located in the Libertad Synagogue, the first synagogue in Argentina, today declared a national monument.


The House of Abraham in not a physical space but a forum of spiritual encounter between the descendants of the patriarch Abraham, to celebrate ethics and humanistic diversity within the same monotheistic revelation expressed in the Sacred Torah, Holy Gospels and the Sacred Koran. The project of the House of Abraham finds its origins in a donation to TESA of a Sacred Koran by the Great Mufti of Istambul, Dr. Rahmi Yaran, with a very touching message of peace.



When TESA introduced the project to Rabbi Sergio Bergman and Simon Moguilevsky, from Libertad Synagogue, they proudly proposed the Buenos Aires Jewish Museum as the venue to display this magnificent sacred text and supported the initiative providing a Tanakh (Hebrew bible).


The Great Rabbi of Jerusalem, Dr. Shlomo Amar also participated of this initiative donating a Book of Psalms, in Hebrew, where he included a handwritten blessing for the Argentine people.


Following these actions, Presbyter Fernando Gianetti together with Monsignor Pedro Torres (Office of Jewish, Islamic and Other Religions Relations of the Episcopal Commission of Ecumenism) offered to donate and Argentine Bible, The People of God, also a text written in Aramaic belonging to the Apostolic Orthodox Church of Antioquia and a text written in Greek belonging to the Greek Apostolic Church. These incredible donations by the Christian Church exceeded the expectations of our initial project


The House of Abraham turned into a permanent exhibition in the Buenos Aires Jewish Museum and will become available to every visitor of the Synagogue and the museum accounting for the contribution of the City of Buenos Aires and the Argentine society as a whole of the interreligious dialogue and brotherhood of the descendants of Abraham, brothers in faith and respect, habitants of the blessed land of peace, reflecting the spirit of its Sacred Books. The House of Abraham now lays the foundations of educational and cultural programs and we therefore invite men and women of good faith to join us and contribute their knowledge and ideas to educate the younger generations in the most ethical and moral values.


Fundación TESA

Susana Pesis, President

Ramiro Anzit Guerrero, Vicepresident

Alicia de Todesca, Secretary

Eduardo Callaey, Líder Project

Luis Cervini

Marta Demalde

Ariel González Levaggi, Líder Project


Museo Judío de Buenos Aires y Sinagoga Libertad

Rabby Sergio Bergman

Rabby Simon Moguilevsky

Curator Liliana Flugelman

Patricia Holzman


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